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Weighing Scale :

We are doing all type of weighing scale and weigh bridges. We are selling branded items only our suppliers from India, Korea, china, Switzerland like that. We have lot of weighing scale products in all type of capacity the following details are given below,

  • Consumer Weighing Scales
  • Industrial Weighing Scale
  • Label Printing Scale
  • Table Top Weighing Scale
  • Platform Weighing Scale
  • Floor Scale
  • Bench Scale
  • Jewells and High Precision Weighing Scale
  • Truck Scale
  • Crane Scale
  • Indicator
  • Price Computing Weighing Scale
  • Personal Weighing Scale
  • Standard Test Weights

HMT Weigh Bridge :

Kamalco Trading & Contracting co partially works with “HMT Weighing system” for Weigh Bridge. HMT Weighing System success story can be tracked back in late 1980s. It all started with the development of high precision & tough weigh bridges. Each & Every weigh bridge is designed for the specific application as per the clients need. HMT has always prided itself in finding new & innovative weighing solutions, even for the most difficult of technical tasks. With this dedication our team of experienced and young technoprenuer have come a long way and have made a name for ourselves in the industry as a reputed manufacturer and exporter of an array of weighing instruments. HMT today continues to develop innovative products & solutions- a successful approach, underlined by our expanding client base. Our customers come from extremely diverse range of industrial sectors. And they keep coming back, as they keep coming back, as they know they can trust HMTs Precision, Quality, Reliability, toughness and service.

Product Feature Overview

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Weighing Scale :

  • High precision balances that incorporate advanced Electro Magnetic Force Compensation Technology, thus offering unmatched accuracy and process reliability.
  • Systems coupled with unique ADC circuits that feature in-built temperature compensation on specially developed ceramic substrate.
  • Systems using surface mounted devices that are coated with special durez compound, thus offering high stability up to resolution of 2 million counts  in all weather conditions).
  • All adjustments in systems like linearity correction factor, scale factor, response time, temperature correction factor, Display updating and stability band width auto zero tracking are programmable using serial port, thus taking care of any minor mismatch of different sub assemblies of balances.
  • All Balances tested for at least 7 days as well as weight readings taken at Regular interval
  • All Balances corrected for any deviation by hardware & software adjustments, thus making balance display readings within permissible error limits (depending on accuracy class against standard weights throughout duration of working within specified limits of ambient temperatures).

Weigh Bridge :

  • Made from IS: 2062 Structural Steel
  • Top Deck with 12 mm or more Mild Steel Plates with adequate section
  • Designed for 200% ultimate overload rated capacity
  • Analog and Digital Load Cell Technology
  •  Alloy Steel or 17-4 ph Stainless steel Load cells with Ip68, Hermetically Sealed with inert Gas filled
  • It can be installed either in a pit or on the ground surface
  •  Maintenance free and reliable giving low cost ownership
  •  Minimal foundations/Civil works requirements
  •  Weighbridge Software for easy tracking of in & out
  •  Customized Platform size and Capacity Available
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